Steve Jordan

Omega Records

That's My Boy LP 1977 - Omega Records With Steve Jordan Jr. - vocals & timbales

Side One: La Marcha Del Campesino, Yakity Yak, El Alacran, La Postera, Flor de Las Flores. Side Two: Chaparrita de Oro, Johnny Charasquis, Oxaca, El Soltero, Siguieron Los Campesinos


Steve Jordan - Falcon Records

Side A: La LLorona, Le Seguiremos, A Bailar Mi Cumbia, Vamonos, Te Sales, Cumbia del Blue
Side B: Mujer Sin Alma, El Sumbidito, La Sota De Copas, Cumbia Del Secre, Hace Mucho, Derecho Al Hueso

Esteban Jordan also known as "El Parch," "the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion," "the accordion wizard," and other monikers. But when he is called "the best accordionist ever by other accordionist, it is the highest of accolades. Born to a migrant farm worker family and partially blinded as an infant, Esteban couldn't join the rest of the family in the fields, so was left with the older migrants who could no longer work. At a very young age he was introduced to conjunto music, especially the accordion playing of Valerio Longoria. At the time , Longoria would follow the community of of migrant farm workers and play for them in the labor camps. These circumstances brought the two together and the young Esteban mastered the instrument quickly. He then took up other instruments, most notably the guitar, and now, by his own account, he can play 35 different instruments. While he has remained close to his traditional conjunto roots, he has never limited himself musically. More than any other accordionist, Jordan pushes the diatonic accordion to its limits, both musically and physically, playing traditional conjunto, rock, jazz, salsa, zydeco and more. Esteban announced that he has 19 songs ready to be released. Click here for more pictures.


El Corrido De Johnny El Pachuco LP - Arhoolie Records

This album was originally released as "Las Coronelas" on the regional RyN label out of McAllen, Texas, a label run by the bajo sexto playing member of Los Donnenos: Ramiro Cavazos, who has recorded some of the finest conjuntos along the Rio Grande Valley. The rights and masters were purchased by Arhoolie Records in 1987.

Side A: Las Coronelas (polka), Estrella Del Norte (Ranchera), Midnight Blues (Polka), Jamas Volvere (Ranchera), El Rancho Grande (Polka)

Side B: El Corrido De Johnny El Pachuco, La Petita (Polka), Vuela Paloma, Together Again (Country), More Pretty Girls Than One