Gilberto Perez

Gilberto Perez LP Discos ECO, In Conjunction With Falcon Records/Made in Mexico 1961

Lado A: El Dia De Tu Boda, Paloma Consentida, De Aqui Pa'l Real, Te Estare Esperando, Mis Parpados
Lado B: Gaviota Traidora, Si Estas Durmiendo, La Enorme Distancia, Llorando A Solas, Mis Suenos

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From playing the electric bass guitar and singing rock and roll to creating one of the most unique, authentic conjunto sounds in he history of Texas music, Gilberto Perez has become an icon in the "conjunto regional " world. After 40 years of performing, Gilberto Perez has become one of the most widely recognized conjunto in South Texas, creating an accordion/bajo sexto style unique to Perez. His alto voice in duet with a second voice is highly recognizable as being the one and only Gilberto Perez' singing style. Born in Mercedes, Texas, the youngest of twelve siblings Gilberto Perez was attracted to the accordion at a young age, although it was not the first instrument he learned to play. It was the guitar that first caught his interest. At age 8, Perez got his first experience in guitar playing when he learned to play from friend and longtime musician, Eristeo Flores. The first single with Falcon Records titled "El Dia DE Tu Boda" in 1960 was such a hit that the conjunto was asked to record a full album. Immediately following, the group recorded even more tunes that included the songs, "Con Cartitas," "Tantos Anos," "Perdon Dios Mio," "Dame La Llave," "Quisiera Llevarte," and the 1997 Grammy nominated song, "Arrancame El Corazon," among many other. In keeping with the times and styles invading all the Rio Grande Valley's music, Perez tried to incorporate saxophones, electric guitars, an organ, and even an synthesizer into his conjunto. But it never came into his mind to relinquish the basic conjunto sound of the accordion, the bajo sexto, the electric bass, and the drum beat that is his trademark today. Indeed, it is this basic conjunto sound that is the heartbeat of the 47 LPs that he has recorded.